50 Family Vacation Ideas That Will Make Everyone Happy

When it comes to family vacations, it can be tough to please everyone. But these 50 ideas will have you planning the perfect trip in no time!

1. Head to a theme park.

2. Visit a national park.

3. Go on a cruise.

4. Hit the beach.

5. Take a road trip.

6. Stay in a cabin or villa.

7. Go camping or glamping.

8. Tour a new city.

9. Visit ancient ruins or museums.

10. Sample local cuisine and wine tours.

11. Take a cooking class together.

12. Visit family for the weekend.

13. Go whale watching or dolphin spotting.

14. Take advantage of local family activities, like digging for dinosaurs in the Gobi Desert or observing penguins in Antarctica.

15. Learn how to salsa dance together in Spain .

16. Sleep under the stars on safari .

17. Hit the slopes in Switzerland .

18. Kayak through the incredible scenery of Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay.

19. Bike along the canals of Venice, Italy .

20. Take a scenic train ride through the Rocky Mountains or the Swiss Alps.

21. Tour ancient castles in Scotland or Ireland .

22. Go scuba diving .

23. Explore the ruins of ancient civilizations from Egypt to Greece.

24. Spot penguins in South Africa or seals in Patagonia.

25. Visit family farms and wineries abroad.

26. Sail along the coast of Croatia .

27. Catch up on family history at a local landmark or family reunion spot.

28. Indulge in a little luxury at a five-star resort.

29. Hit the beach on a tropical island.

30. Go rafting or tubing down a scenic river.

31. Visit ancient tombs and temples in Asia.

32. Take a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti or Death Valley.

33. Getaway to a family-friendly resort in Mexico, the Caribbean, or the Dominican Republic.

34. Watch the Northern Lights from Iceland.

35. Hike through lush rainforest in Costa Rica for an up-close view of exotic wildlife

36. Spend a day at a waterpark.

37. Explore a new city by foot or bike.

38. Take a cooking class to learn about the local cuisine.

39. Visit a local zoo, aquarium, or amusement park.

40. Go white water rafting or kayaking.

41. Hit the ski slopes in North America or Europe.

42. Take a family trip to a theme park.

43. Tour a vineyard or a local brewery.

44. Get active together with a family workout class at the gym.

45. Try out your family’s favorite games, from tennis and yoga to charades and badminton.

46. Go to the world’s tallest buildings or explore underground caves.

47. Check out the ancient sites and modern culture of Israel .

48. Go for a walk on the beach or go for a swim.

49. Head to a family-friendly all-inclusive resort.

50. Take a trip down memory lane by revisiting family vacation spots from years past.

No matter what family vacations you decide to take, just know that family time is important and should be cherished.

Wrapping Up

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