Best One – Year Money – Saving Plans

one year money saving plan

If you plan to invest only for one year, then you have a short-term investment horizon. This is why you should always stay away from the equity options after understanding the volatile nature of the market. For all the investments that are done on a short-term basis, capital protection is necessary as you do not get much time to recover if there are any developments in the market.

Below listed are some of the best one-year money-saving plans for you.

Three One Year Money-Saving Plans To Keep Your Money Secure

Keeping the money secure is essential as if you invest in plans, they do offer high returns. You should not keep your money in the savings account; and instead, you should invest your money in different one-year money-saving plans like:

Debt Mutual Funds

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Being idol for the short terms investments horizons, debt mutual funds are open-ended and risk-averse. These types of funds render you with high-level security as you invest in the highly-rated debt instruments like government and corporate bonds, treasury bills, etc., then comes to the returns; debt funds have the ultimate potential to provide you with higher returns than that of a regular savings bank account. Also, you can opt to invest in low-duration funds.

Fixed Maturity Plans

Being the close-ended mutual funds, the fixed maturity plans funds invest in the fixed instruments that relate to the corresponding maturities. The main manager of the funds chooses the instrument such that the instrument matures almost at the same time. Such type of maturity plans come up with the only maturity period that ranges between one month to five years. The fixed maturity plans are never influenced by the interest rate volatility because these types of funds hold a lot of securities until maturity. The main focus of the fixed maturity plans is to provide you with study returns over a period.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit is one of the traditional deposit options in the country of India. If a having a lot of money at your disposal, then you can plan to invest in the fixed deposit one-year money-saving plan. Along with offering an attractive interest rate, the fixed deposit rate is much higher than what a regular savings bank account provides a customer with. Also, the fixed deposit keeps you away from any sort of flight changes, and your money is highly secured.


The above given three types of one-year money-saving plans help you in keeping your money safe and secure in the best possible way. One-year investment horizons are a short period of time but are not really short if you plan to invest in a good one-year money-saving plan. You should never keep your funds in a savings bank account as the savings bank account does not provide you with high returns. Instead, you should opt to consider investing in the options that are mentioned above so as to earn a good return on your investment.

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