Check Out This Minimalist, Luxurious Style Wallet That Fits Perfectly in Your Travel Pack And Packs Your Collection Of Cards Perfectly!

Few items are more personal than a wallet. The contents tell so much about the individual, as does the wallet itself. The features of the wallet are limited only by imagination. More than just a means of transporting essentials like money and ID, that express the taste and style of personality., The perfect minimalist wallet is a marriage of form and function. It’s hard-wearing, able to withstand everyday use, and has high-end design appeal. 

Multi-Purpose Synthetic Leather Wallet/Cardholder

A wallet or Cardholder is a small, flat case that can be used to carry such small personal items as Money, credit cards, and identification documents, driving license, identification, card, etc.). Cardholders are generally made of leather or fabrics and they are usually pocket-sized and foldable. The traditional material for wallets or cardholders is leather but many other flexible flat sheet materials are also used in their fabrication. Non-woven textiles and synthetic Waterproof materials are also used to make wallets of different colors shapes and sizes. There are many types of fashionable wallets available in the market like wallets for marriage, for office use, and on many occasions. The perfect minimalist wallet is a marriage of form and function. Has high-end design appeal. The ideal wallet is one that you can take delight in whipping out at the end of a meal with a client or the in-laws. There are many types of cardholders available in the market.

Bi-fold wallet 

A type of wallet in which the banknotes are folded over once. Credit cards and identification cards may be stored.

Long wallet

A larger wallet was usually worn with jeans, fastened by a chain, strap, or leather rein.

these wallets or cardholders are very useful because they can fit in small spaces like pockets in jeans and shirts.

Buy your Multi-Purpose Synthetic Leather Wallet/Cardholder already.


  • Main Material PU
  • Gender Unisex
  • Pattern Type Solid
  • Item Width 8cm
  • Item Length 11cm
  • Item Type Card & ID Holders
  • Closure Type Hasp
  • Style Fashion
  • Shape Box
  • Item Weight 60g
  • Use Credit Card
A close up of a device


  • Style: Whether it is natural color or dyed it seems stylish with no stitches with an elegant look.
  • Durability: no matter what style and size the cardholder is it will prove very helpful and full of strength it comes to it.
  • Flexibility: with time the flexibility of synthetic cardholder increases
A close up of a box


  • Most fabrics made from synthetic fibers require careful ironing as they melt easily.
  • Most fabrics made from synthetic fibers absorb very little moisture. They become sticky when the body sweats, which makes them uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.
  • Most fabrics made from synthetic fibers catch fire very easily
  • Prone to damage by hot washing.


In today’s life, many things have come in hand that has replaced old fashion documents. Now instead of carrying large bundles of documents small-sized cards have come in so people need perfect holders to hold those cards or items. So go and buy smart cardholders and pick your assets in the pocket.

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