What Are The Simple 20 Tips To Improve Your Health?

We all want to live long, healthy and happy lives. There are natural things we can do to improve our chances, none of which cost much money or are particularly challenging to accomplish. It takes practice, repetition and consistency to make your daily plan for healthy living success. Be physically active. A daily routine that includes regular exercise is right for your sense of well-being and overall general health. It will help you sleep better, too. A weekly exercise program will keep you flexible and durable. As we age, our bones and joints tend to become stiff and inflamed. Regular exercise keeps these aches and pains at bay. Use doesn’t have to be painful to be right for you. Several periods of light activity a week will serve you well. Consistency is the real key. There are simple 20 tips for the same.

What Are The Simple 20 Tips To Improve Your Health?
What Are The Simple 20 Tips To Improve Your Health?

Simple 20 Tips To Improve Health

Eat a healthy diet. Be sure to include a variety of healthful fruits and vegetables in what you eat each day. Raw foods are especially useful for you. They contain more fibre and nutrients because these things are lost by cooking. Eat complex carbohydrates and fresh, not dried or frozen proteins. Lower your fat intake if it is more than 30% of your daily intake. Three to five servings of carbohydrate in the form of starches and fruits should include in each meal.

1. Drink a jug full of water right after waking up in the morning (Use a copper mug for added health benefits)

2. Switch from drinking Coffee and Tea to Organic Green Tea

3. Meditate for 10 minutes daily to remove stress and increase the grey matter concentration in the brain.

4. Hit the gym five days a week.

5. Drink about 1/2 litre milk every day to fulfil the body’s calcium needs.

6. Keep Saturdays for Running, Cycling, Cardio sessions.

7. Take up a sport like Competitive Swimming, Tennis, Badminton etc. on Sundays, for it will improve your flexibility and endurance.

8. Eat Amla and a handful of soaked almonds and walnuts every morning.

9. Maintain a strict oral hygiene by brushing twice a day using ayurvedic toothpaste (I use Vicco Vajradanti), Mouth Wash (Listerine) and Dental Floss.

10. Drink a large glass of Orange/Mousambi Juice every evening to maintain your Vitamin C levels in the body.

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11. Get ahead and body massage every Sunday (Use almond oil for massage)

12. Give up upon snacks like Chips, Samosas, Burgers, Coke, French Fries, Oily Paranthas etc. and switch to healthy meals such as dry fruits, whole-grain biscuits, freshly cut fruits, Poha and brown bread sandwiches.

13. Join Yoga classes for increasing the body’s flexibility. Since bodybuilding makes the body stiff, Yoga will hugely benefit in the long run.

14. (Fasting removes toxins from the body and burns excess fat)

15. Use cold showers for bathing instead of taking hot water showers. Hot water severely affects hair and makes them dry.

16. Get a complete body checkup, including all blood tests dental checkup, every three months.

What Are The Simple 20 Tips To Improve Your Health?
What Are The Simple 20 Tips To Improve Your Health?

17. Ditch cosmetic creams and oils and switch to using coconut oil, which acts both as a natural moisturizer as well as hair oil.

18. Quit Smoking.

19. Quit Drinking.

20. Wake up early in the morning. I make it a point to wake up at 4 am.

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